Health and safety is central to everything we
do at Eco Modular Buildings.
It influences the way we think, the way we perform,
the way we behave and the way
we plan our works.

Working safely is a core value and we pride ourselves on our efforts to work incident and injury free.
Our health and safety strategy moves us closer to our goal of operating with Zero Harm to
employees, sub-contractors and the people around us.

We target 5 main areas to help achieve this.


We plan the works to minimise risk from our design to our on-site installations.


We brief the teams both in the factory and on site each morning with a coordination
meeting to identify areas of risk and any changes that may affect our works.


The right managers for the right jobs. We assess the managers on their competencies
and link this to the project requirements.


Right Supervisor; an interview and selection process for supply chain supervisors which allows us to engage
and build relationships early and select the supervisors who best understand EMBs’ standards and expectations


Self-auditing; we audit each project weekly using a set format to achieve a uniformed approach and ensuring the manager
and supervisors are aware of the safety requirements set out by the senior management team.