EMB building-in excellence

We are often asked to demonstrate how we guarantee the quality of our buildings and
ensure we deliver a market leading level of aftercare service. We believe that aftercare
starts at the design stage; our approach is simple we design-in excellence and
engineer-out failure.

We engage early with our clients through detailed design and pre-construction phases
to make sure that the design meets exacting standards of specification and client.

Our technical department work closely with our manufacturing teams, utilising advanced
lean manufacturing processes to check that every stage of the design can be
constructed efficiently.

We use extensive quality assurance checks at each stage of the factory construction
and site installation phases. Once the building is handed over we have a comprehensive
aftersales-care system in place that guarantees speedy attention on the rare occasions
the building develops a fault.

This attention to detail during design, manufacture, installation and commissioning
means that you can be sure an Eco Modular building will perform exactly as you
have specified.

customer care

Designing out failure

Our designers use Building Information Management (BIM) modelling to develop a detailed design for your building.
We engage with you early to make sure that the design really will meet all of your specifications and requirements.
This process is vital and enables us to really get to know your team and advisors.
Together we develop the detailed design one stage at a time against an agreed project timetable.
The detailed construction design is tested at every key stage with our manufacturing team to make sure that
the construction process will be as efficient as possible.

Every detail of the construction process is tested for ‘buildability’ through an intense pre-construction process to make
sure that your building will look and perform exactly as you have specified.
Partnership, early engagement and attention to every detail through detailed design phases.

Quality guaranteed


We operate a comprehensive efficient lean manufacturing system and our assembly and construction teams are very well trained. Materials are inspected prior to being incorporated into the construction process. All critical aspects of the building are checked at pre-determined inspection stages.

When our buildings are ready for delivery to site they are fully inspected against a pre-delivery quality assurance and inspection plan. On site the installation of the building is subjected to the same pre-planned stage inspection regime with a final thorough and robust commissioning process prior to final handover. We have an intensive Business Continuity Programme in place that will allow seamless and continual design and manufacturing operations to make sure your building will be delivered on time.

This is how we make sure that the quality and performance you expect for your building is exactly what we deliver.

Excelling in aftercare

Early engagement, BIM design, advanced construction techniques delivered against an ethos of building-in quality makes sure that your building will perform exactly as you have specified.

In the infrequent occurrence that something does go wrong, you will find that our aftercare service is second to none. Managed by a dedicated aftercare team, including experienced administration and qualified technicians.

We will agree a Service Level Agreement with you that will include the following:

  • Clearly defined response times
  • Agreed fix-times against Serious, Medium and minor faults
  • Escalation paths
  • Comprehensive Key Performance Indicator (KPI) reporting - incl. variance or non conformance reporting
  • Regular performance review meetings

Our goal is your complete satisfaction with your building and its performance aftercare delivery performance executive oversight is provided by our main Group Board.

With this holistic approach to guaranteeing your complete satisfaction, we believe that we have the perfect solution.

Don’t take our word for it!

It is one thing to hear it from US but it is a whole different thing to hear it from our CLIENTS and END USERS. We are proud of the formidable record of fault free buildings we have built and of our “second to none” aftercare service and would be delighted to put you in touch with previous customers.